Hello and welcome! My Name is Paul Bassek, I live and work in Lancashire and I have a passion for anything creative. I graduated from university with a degree in web and mulitmedia and amassed a huge new-media skill set.

I see myself as an excellent all-rounder and have skills with:

Video production and editing (Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro)
Photo Editing/Retouching (Adobe Photoshop)
Web Design (HTML, CSS, and CMS systems such as Joomla) 

I am currently employed as an Image Editor/Retoucher. I've been in the position for nearly 10 years and have a great understanding of Adobe Photoshop. My daily role includes things such as colour correction, cloning, retouching and making images suitable for both web and print. I also use Adobe Illustrator in my current position to create advertisements, draw symbols, and other graphical items.

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